World Sports Forum

The World Sports Forum has been established in 1997 as a not for profit association to host at regular intervals an international conference.


To use the power of sports for a better world.


  • to provide an arena for all stakeholders of sports and sports-related communities
  • to address the most pressing issues related to sports
  • to serve as a neutral platform for discussion, debate and action on the key issues on the global agenda of sport
  • to ensure an open dialogue in order to bridge commercial interests in a globalised world with the social responsibility of large organisations
  • to be the most important independent conference in the world of sports

Notice: The World Sports Forum is an independent association managed by the WFSGI since 1997. The WFSGI is recognized by the IOC as the Olympic family representative for the sporting goods industry. Unfortunately and recently, another event organization was trying to hold a sports event under our name. After legal action the organizers agreed to sustain the World Sports Forum name and to continue under another name. This created some confusion for the sports community but we look forward to our future of the World Sports Forum.