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The sport-specific industry representative body towards other International Sport Federations, Organizers of major sport events, international standards institutions and NGO’s.

Bicycle Committee

The Bicycle Committee gathers the major leading brands and allows them to have a global representation on all levels (Sport, Social and Environmental issues). The Committee is the voice of the bicycle industry towards the International Cycling Union (UCI) and the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

CISO - Committee on International Sports Organisations

The Committee on International Sports Organizations (CISO) represents the WFSGI as the industry consensus voice to all sports federations and organizations. The CISO Committee promotes maximum and equal benefit to all WFSGI members and the sporting goods community at large.

CR - Corporate responsibility committee

The CR committee is focusing on global societal, social and environmental trends like climate change, resource depletion, labor and health issues.
Its work is targeted at developing and promoting an understanding within the World Federation about the relevance of global social and environmental challenges for each individual member company offering members an opportunity to tackle challenges through guidance and sharing best practice services, supporting members in identifying synergies to tie resources and enhance leverage through collaborative work.

Federations Committee

The Federations Committee enhances collaboration of WFSGI with its regional and national sporting goods industry member federations. This ad hoc Committee promotes improved information exchange and mutual assistance among the federations themselves. The aim is to provide a platform for the global, regional and national federations to develop, exchange and promote best practices, industry trends, market research, collaborative programming and problem solving.

Manufacturing Committee

The Manufacturers Committee aims at creating a positive synergy between manufacturers and brands. As a hub for manufacturers and manufacturing issues WFSGI is working on joint approaches to tackle common challenges and to identify key issues.
The Manufacturers Committee is a unique platform to exchange and seize new opportunities. An excellent global network provides manufacturers the necessary insights and updates on the global economy trends and changes which helps to place investments. Everyone can gain new inspiration from this Committee’s work.

Physical Activity Committee

The promotion of physical activity on a global level. To foster and encourage the participation of citizens of all countries in healthy sporting activities (WFSGI By-Laws Article 2.8).

Trade Committee

The Trade Committee is focusing on international trade issues facing the global sporting goods industry, including eliminating trade barriers, defending against trade cases, examining new product safety and testing requirements, removing restrictions that impact WFSGI member company’s supply chains, supporting international trade agreements that benefit the global sporting goods industry.

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