Now is the time to start – become a digital enterprise to stay ahead of the competition.

Digitalization changes all areas of life and also existing business models. This increases pressure on the sporting goods industry – but opens up new business opportunities at the same time. Industrial enterprises need to reduce time to market significantly, massively improve flexibility, and increase quality while reducing energy and resource consumption. Another general requirement is security. Digitalization also leads to increasing vulnerability of production plants to cyber-attacks – and this increases the need for appropriate security measures.

Mr. Heinz Eisenbeiss, Head of Marketing Factory Automation at Siemens AG, will present to you on how to set-up an integrated portfolio of software-based systems and automation technologies for discrete industries to seamlessly integrate and digitalize the entire value chain, including suppliers. The result of this is a perfect digital copy of the value chain – the Digital Twin. Simulation, testing, and optimization in a completely virtual environment allows for reduced time to market, increased flexibility, quality and efficiency.

Heinz Eisenbeiss started as Project Engineer with Siemens Power Generation in 1986. He switched over to Siemens Automation Systems business in the 1990s and developed his career through several technical and sales functions. Today Mr. Eisenbeiss is responsible for global Marketing Factory Automation within the Siemens division Digital Factory.

If you are interested in meeting Heinz Eisenbeiss, come to the World Manufacturers Forum on November 14/15 in Munich. At this year's World Manufacturers Forum a widely ranged high-caliber keynote speaker lineup drawing from academics, automotive, consumer-goods, electronics and other sectors will present on how to be “Moving on to a digital and automated business of the future”. During the Forum, the audience will have the exclusive opportunity to subscribe for a tailormade guided tour around productronica – the world’s leading trade fair for electronics development and production, and to meet the most relevant service providers for the sporting goods industry. For more information and registration go to or click the button below. 


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