The current global supply chain cannot support a commerce model driven by the consumer. The consumer’s use of rapidly evolving technology and demand for Amazon like delivery speed gives an insatiable hunger for product variety, speed, and availability. To thrive, retailers must adopt a supply chain built entirely on cheap labor to meet a customer experience in line with new commerce expectations. That means a supply chain that is capable of quick turn, low inventory, mass customization and 3-day delivery. A local, digital supply chain can not only be on par or cheaper than the rest of the world but a profit center that can re-energize consumers, fill product availability short falls, fight discounting and lead to a brand experience that provides a WOW beyond the physical retail. Fully automated sewing remains the final road block in this game changing experience and will allow manufacturers to create local demand chains, close to their consumers in city centers, capable of meeting the needs of both customers and shareholders.

The current global supply chain cannot support a commerce model driven by the consumer.

Palaniswamy "Raj" Rajan
Chair and CEO , Softwear Automation

If you are interested in meeting Palaniswamy "Raj" Rajan, Chairman and CEO, Softwear Automation, come to the World Manufacturers Forum on November 14/15 in Munich.

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