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THE MATCH: Tradition vs. Innovation

Time has become organic. Short, middle and long term strategies have acquired new meanings, and they regulate themselves oriented on market needs. The market itself pushes and influences business day by day, breaking up and shifting us to explore for new operational models in order to fulfil the industry’s expectations. High-resolution business-functionality and the ability to adapt procedures are a challenge, but demanded. There are so many possibilities, maybe too many? How much tradition should we keep and how much innovation should take impact on our businesses? Is a change needed? Just an adjustment? Or a total transformation to be able to survive? Finding the perfect match - that’s all about, to leverage key resources during companies-metamorphosis.


Authors and Articles

"The Perfect Match: Balancing Tradition and Innovation"

By Philip Anthony, P.E.,
President of Design Integrity,
Inc. in Chicago, Illinois

Phil Anthony is the founder and president of Design Integrity. Over his thirty years of

engineering and product design experience, Phil has managed, designed, and developed
over one hundred innovative new products across industrial, medical, and consumer
markets. (Phil earned his BSME from Lehigh University in 1986. He received his MSME
from Northwestern University in 1991 and his MBA (Master of Management) from the
Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern in 1997.) Phil has been awarded fourteen
US utility patents. He is a proven innovation facilitator and program manager, and he has
served as an expert witness on five cases related to product engineering design, trade
secrets, trade secret misappropriation, patent prosecution, and patent litigation.


"The future of sports: How megatrends are redefining the industry by changing consumer behaviours"

By Anja Kirig, Keynote
Speaker, Author, Trend Expert.

Anja Kirig has been working as a trend researcher since 2005. Since
2014 she is intensively researching the changing sports and fitness
perception. Other focal points of her work are tourism and leisure,
health and nutrition, sustainability and gender. Her focus lies always
on socio-cultural developments and their effects on lifestyles and the
resulting new structures of need. The researcher lives and works in


"How the social power of sport can stop ocean plastic"

By David Katz, Founder and
CEO, Plastic Bank

David Katz is a dynamic, inspirational speaker described by many as
“the best in the sustainability industry.” He is globally renowned for
The Plastic Bank’s solution to make plastic waste a currency that
transcends poverty while stopping the flow of plastic into our oceans.
Salt Magazine’s list of The World’s Top 100 Compassionate Business
Leaders recognized David as #4 between Dr. Muhammad Yunus and
Elon Musk.


"Disruptive Innovation in Sports and Human Performance"

By Prof Anette (Peko)
Hosoi, Professor of Mechanical

By Christina Chase, Lecturer,
MIT Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science

Professor Hosoi is the Neil and Jane Pappalardo Professor of Mechanical
Engineering at MIT and co-founder of the MIT Sports Lab. Her research
contributions lie at the junction of nonlinear hydrodynamics,
biomechanics, and bio-inspired design. She has received numerous awards
including the Stanley Corrsin Award, the Bose Award for Excellence in
Teaching, and the Jacob P. Den Hartog Distinguished Educator Award.
She is a Fellow of the American Physical Society, a Radcliffe Institute
Fellow, and a MacVicar Faculty Fellow. More recently, she has turned her
attention to problems that lie intersection of biomechanics, applied
mathematics, and sports.

Christina Chase is the co-founder and Managing Director of the MIT
Sports Lab, which helps professional teams, global brands, the sports-tech
industry & organizations tackle key issues in sports and engineering.
Christina a Lecturer at MIT in the Department of Electrical Engineering
and Computer Science with a focus on innovation and entrepreneurship..
Christina was the first Entrepreneur in Residence at MIT where she helped
hundreds of teams go from concept to company. She has been named one
of the 25 Most Influential Women in the Boston Tech Community and
one of the 15 People Shaping Boston’s Tech Scene.


"Effectively using social media to increase Sales"

By Jakob Hager,

Jakob Hager is a book author and Facebook marketing expert, who
previously ran Facebook ads for an NBA and Premier League team.
With his performance marketing agency on2performance, he and his
team focus on consulting brands, developing comprehensive online
marketing strategies and running Facebook as well as Google ads for
clients. Jakob also developed a special program for brands to build
inhouse performance marketing experience with Jakob’s team as
external supporting specialists. He likes to teach startups how to
quickly become profitable.


"Turning Compliance Labelling into a Cost Saver: WFSGI CLR Database Brings Significant ROI to Companies and Innovation"

By Jim Costello, Executive
Chairman, Compliance & Risks

Compliance & Risks has appointed Jim Costello as their new Chairman
of the Board. He succeeds Damien McGovern, who is also founder of
the company and is stepping down as Chairman after 13 successful
years in the role. Jim is also non-executive Chairman at SouthWestern,
having stepped down earlier this year as CEO. There he was the
driving force behind the growth and sale of the business in a deal
worth €35m to UK based outsourcing group, Capita in 2014. Before
his 12 years in SouthWestern, Jim was Finance Director for Unisys
Corporation in Europe, General Manager of Managed Services in
France and Global Managing Director of the Unisys/Dell Managed
Services Alliance, a $120m managed services business.


"Sports Management: Educational Challenges. Mindset-to-go"

By David Wawrzinek, M.A.,
Head of Study Programmes,
SMAB | Group

By Dr. Guido Schafmeister,
CEO & Founding Partner,
SMAB | Group.

David Wawrzinek: Prior to joining SMAB Education, David worked as program
manager, research and teaching assistant, and PR manager. He is working on a doctorate
in the field of higher education. He is responsible for operations for the study programs.

Dr. Guido Schafmeister: Managing partner and founder of SMAB. He served as a
professor, vice dean, academic director, lecturer, research fellow, and member of decision
making bodies at public and private universities in Germany and abroad, including
accreditations. As a senior consultant, he worked on strategic marketing projects
for global enterprises. Scientific activities in the field of sport management in countries
such as USA, Canada, Australia, and many European Countries.


"Collaboration is King for Innovative Wearable Technologies in the Sporting Goods Industry"

By Christian Stammel, CEO
Wearable Technologies AG

Christian Stammel is founder and CEO of WT Wearable Technologies
Group and Navispace AG. Born in 1969, he successfully enables
innovation and cooperation in the Internet of Things and wearables
sector. Christian had already founded his first IT company during his
university years, which went public in 2000. He is one of the digital
pioneers with a track record of over 20 years in IoT and has created
some of the world´s firsts including an ECG shirt in 2002. He advises
some of the biggest tech companies and organizes with his teams
important networking platforms in the US, Europe, Asia and
Australia, with his teams.


"In The Right to Be Forgotten"

By Dr. Jochen M. Schaefer,
Legal Counsel of the WFSGI
Attorney-at-Law (Germany)

Legal Counsel of the World Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry
(WFSGI) same as of the European Sporting Goods Federation (FESI)
with wide practice focuses primarily on international corporate law on
providing strategic legal advice in the areas of distribution rights,
licensing law, franchising, merchandising, sponsorship, product liability,
and intellectual property law. By having represented numerous well-known
German and international clients, including U.S., Indian, and
Chinese clients from a number of industries in cross-border business
ventures and acquisitions, he has a long-term experience in
international cross-border business transactions including the function
as lead counsel in complex M& A transactions.