WFSGI & Bike Europe organize World Cycling Forum 2017


The theme: Consumer Centricity and Increasing Speed to Market
The bicycle industry is shifting its focus. From dealers to consumers. Online sales continue to grow rapidly for all sorts of products – including bikes. Consumer centricity is the prerequisite for new business models, triggering a switch to omni-channel distribution strategies. But consumers that buy online expect the order to be delivered in hours, not weeks. Huge changes are taking place throughout the entire sector. From the supply chain to distribution and retail; from planning to customer journeys– the luxury of time is vanishing.

The event: 1st World Cycling Forum 
The 2017 World Cycling Forum addresses the profound consequences of this trend to consumer centricity. A series of experts will put Internet browsing consumers into perspective and help explain what their near future decisions will do to the bike retail sector. The need for speed also changes production. What’s going to happen here? Is reshoring viable and is with that an all-out robotization inevitable? The answers to these big questions can be found at the 1st World Cycling Forum, where an interactive format as well as a series of events suited for networking, will promote an industry-level dialogue.

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