How can you benefit from RSI

Benefits and implications - for brands

Efforts and cost savings

  • Create understanding across supply chain with centralized industry auditing system
  • Streamlined communication and information exchange
  • Audit information sharing
  • Equal audit cost sharing
  • Optional outsourcing of audit administration
  • Liability protection
  • Cost savings
  • Pooled forces increase chances of success - enhance corrective actions
Benefits and implications - for suppliers

Efficiency and less audits

  • Prevention of audit duplication and fatigue
  • One single CoC supporting standard with indicators of compliance
  • One single CAP template
  • One single grading system
  • Harmonized and agreed remediation process
  • Reduced costs
  • Harmonized communication, less confusion
  • Shared tools
  • Solution to show active commitment
Benefits and implications - FFC benefits

All in one place

  • Foster culture of collaboration and continuous improvement
  • RSI as neutral place to go
  • RSI secretariat as central administration and contact point
  • FFC as one-stop shop and central communication hub for companies to communicate with all relevant parties
  • Possibility for suppliers to update information autonomously on FFC